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How to reach us

By plane

If you are flying to Naples, you will then have two options:

Se arrivi in aereo a) Outside the Arrivals, proceed to the Alibus shuttle stop, that makes two stops, one at Garibaldi Central Station (Stazione Centrale), the other in Piazza Municipio. Take the shuttle and hop off at Stazione Centrale and then follow the directions for those coming by train below.
b) As an alternative you can take a cab. There are some all-inclusive pre-set fares, that will include transit on the highway, and night or festivities supplement if those apply. Ask the taxi-driver before leaving. You should pay no more than 23 Euros to get to our location. Once outside the main gate, you can find our name on the intercom on you right (ring: Irace A.)


By train

If you are riding the train to Naples, you will then have two options:

L'Agrumeto con il trenoWalk outside of the station, headed towards your left. Follow the direction for Metro Line 1. To take the metro you will need the ticket UNICONAPOLI (cost: Euro 1.30), that you can buy in one of the small tobacco-shops or newsagents inside the station (alternatively, you will find some tickets machines on the lower level of the metro station, but make sure you have some change with you).


Once outside, walk on the left side of the square, cross the road, and keep walking. You should see the Hotel Terminus on you left. Go ahead until you find the entrance of the metro (signaled by a white M on a red field). Take the train and get off at Salvator Rosa.

Take the escalators and follow the directions for the exit Caracciolo- Santacroce. Once you re-emerge at street level, continue walking down-the- hill, on the left of the main road. After 100 meters, you will find Vico Trinità alla Cesarea, a small alley up-the-hill on your left. There is an English pub next to it. Walk to the main gate in front of you and select Irace A. on the Intercom.

By car

If you are coming to Naples by car:

icona_auto L'AgrumetoUpon exiting the highway Rome-Naples, continue to Naples Tangenziale (cost of the toll: Euro 0.95).
From the Tangenziale, take the exit Arenella and continue up to the first traffic light, which is located on Via Giacinto Gigànte.
Continue to the left, on Giacinto Gigante, until you arrive to Piazza Cannèto. Here you will find yourself at a crossroad. You can’t drive on the left. So continue on the right on via Battistello Caracciòlo (a one way road), up to the second traffic light.

Here you should see a large crossroads, with a tree at its center; on the right you can spot the colorful pyramid of Metro 1.

Now turn left, down-the-hill, keeping yourself in the middle of the road, because, after 100 meters, you have to take a sloping alley on the left. That’s Vico Trinità alla Cesarea. It has an English pub right next to it and a bus stop on the opposite side of the road. When you get there, give us a call or select our name on the intercom(Irace A.), so that we will be able to open the main gate and let you in.